SouSou Coaching
specializes in
helping expatriates
at all stages
of their assignments
SouSou Coaching
encourages transformation
by challenging assumptions
and developing
a positive perspective
SouSou Coaching
generates new thinking
through active listening
in a safe space

About Me

I have been an expatriate for over thirty years as an employee, self-employed, a mother of expatriate children and a travelling spouse.

I have personally observed the costs and benefits of foreign assignments to expatriate employees and their families both on a professional and personal level. During this time, I have also witnessed the fall-out when expatriate families have not been given enough support or preparation.

At the University of Chester my research project demonstrated that coaching assisted the adjustment of expatriates and their families to the foreign assignment and was linked to improvements in the Quality of life for the whole family.

It is inspiring to see the positive changes in my clients’ lives and I feel it is a great privilege to be allow to be part of their transformational journey towards a brighter future.

I am passionate about coaching and I know personally the benefits that coaching can bring.

I look forward to being part of your transformation.



I coach on a 1-2-1 basis based on my clients desired outcomes and objectives. 


During the COVID-19 period, all sessions will be delivered online. 

Chemistry Session

All clients receive a free 20-minute chemistry session. 


Expatriate university students benefit from a 15% discount. 

SouSou Coaching

At SouSouCoaching, I specialise in helping expatriates and their families at all stages of their foreign assignment. 

While the expatriate life offers a variety of glamorous and cultural opportunities, it is often stressful for families as they adjust to the challenges of relocating and then assimilating back home afterwards. 

To thrive during this challenging and emotional experiences it is crucial for expatriates and their families to be assisted, supported and encouraged before, during and after their assignments to help them adjust to their changing life style. 

With coaching, I can ease the transition through these stages to assist my clients realise the extraordinary benefits of the expatriate experience. 

As your Coach, I will navigate you through a thought-provoking and creative-process. Gently transforming your mindset, enabling more positive thinking and allow you to be more authentically yourself. This will ensure you have the best possible expatriation and repatriation experiences possible. 

``You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.``

― Jon Kabat-Zinn


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