Anne became my life coach in 2017 when I was living in Cairo, Egypt.  I had lived in Cairo for 2+ years and had felt this cloud around me- missing my home in the United States, and feeling unsettled after a long period in Egypt.  When I met Anne we instantly connected, her spirit is warm, and welcoming.  We instantly hit the ground running and dove into the weeds of life.  She has a toolkit of strategies to walk you through what you’re facing and she helps guide you to solutions, and makes you understand more about yourself.  She honestly helped me put my entire life on a different trajectory.  I am forever grateful that she was placed into my life, and highly encourage you to pursue her expertise.  You will only be sad you didn’t start the work sooner.

M, from US - International teacher

At a certain point in my life, I needed a professional advice about taking a new job which was promising but also challenging for personal/familial reasons.
Anne helped me to see with clarity, to decide for myself considering my personal situation and needs. She also gave me useful tools which proved very useful to keep me focused on my purpose and clarify my objective.
All of this with a non-judgmental, friendly and positive attitude.
I can’t recommend her highly enough, she is wonderful!

M, from Syria - Banker

Super fun session with a very natural comfortable spirit. Anne put me at my ease, triggered thoughts unobtrusively which got me back on the track I wanted to be on. No judgement on her part is liberating and her guidance results in non-egoistical, delightful self-pride. Loved her coaching.

L, from South Africa - Photographer

When I retired, it was really difficult to transition from an Expatriate life, […] to a new life where one day just seemed to drift into another. This lack of purpose, made me depressed and I was searching for ways to obtain satisfaction.

With Anne’s input, I developed a number of goals, which were in-line with my interests and skills.

The goals gave me something to focus on and enhanced my self-esteem and sense of purpose. With Anne’s continuous monitoring and mentoring, I actually met all but one of the goals. (Even Anne could not conjure up a miracle to reduce my golf handicap). Consequently, I found the whole experience to be very interesting and more importantly rewarding.

M, from Zimbabwe - CFO petroleum company

Anne helped out both my teenage son and myself after my son was bullied at his international school.  She gave us both useful tools to handle the situation in the best possible way. We really benefited from our sessions with her and are still using the things we talked about.

H, from Denmark - full time expatriate wife and mother

The coaching session with Anne was a truly valuable experience. By professionally and dispassionately guiding you through a well-structured systematic process, she ensures you reach your own revelations about your driving passions, key strengths and lifetime ambitions. Having other bench marks from experiences while attending executive management courses I can definitely endorse this holistic approach.

P, from Greece - International Director

The session was incredibly helpful. Being able to look objectively at what I could achieve in the near future. I really liked the physical approach that we took to talk through some of the paths – stepping in different directions across the room to represent different paths – it made it so much easier to picture the different options we could take to reach my end goal.

Being able to do this has meant that I have actually taken more risks in my career in order to utilise the different paths we discussed, my skill set has already broadened, and I think I am a lot less fearful of trying new things with my career to get to the goal we discussed.

J, from the UK - Accountant

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